About Us

Since as long as I could remember I've always been extremely motivated to create, and then share with others.  Most people have fond memories as a child or making lemonade stands in the summer and making a few bucks, but that never felt like enough to me.  As young as five, I created business fliers that I put in every neighbors mail box for a jewelry stand. I spent days beading bracelets and necklaces, and remember feeling a huge sense of pride for what I was creating.
Since before I could remember, animals, specifically dogs, have always made me feel whole.  The presence of animals brings me to my happy place.  The day I put the deposit down on Sebby (@toypoodlesebby) I created an instagram for him, and was welcomed with open arms into the most beautiful community of dog lovers! Excitedly I ordered him many bandanas.  Once Sebby got home, I quickly realized most of the bandanas, even the xs, did not fit him at all, he was just too small.  This got me to sew my own bandanas for him that would actually fit him! This is when it all started, and I realized I could channel my love for dogs and my love for creating, and bring Faithful Paws Co. to life!